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+ What is JuryNotes?

JuryNotes™ pads are 12″x18″ multi-page pads with quick entry fields, and plenty of space to write down important juror information.Thick cardboard backing allows you to make notes and ask questions while interacting with the jury panel away from the podium.

A privacy cover prevents opposing counsel from seeing your notes, and heavy paper stock prevents bleed-through, and is suitable for archiving.Each JuryNotes™ pad has enough pages for a large jury trial, and includes JuryNotes™ Post-it sheets to easily add new jurors that have replaced excused or stricken jurors.

+ How was it developed?

JuryNotes™ was carefully developed and refined over several years. A diverse group of talented and experienced trial attorneys individually tested JuryNotes™ in the courtroom during voir dire.

Their experiences and feedback then went directly into the JuryNotes development process. After perfecting the fields in each JuryNotes™ cell, and optimizing the size, layout and durability of the JuryNotes™ sheets and pads, JuryNotes™ is now commercially available for your trial.

+ What are the little “+” and “-” signs at the bottom of each cell?

The “+” and “-” signs are a way for you to make a note of your gut feeling as to the disposition of the juror toward your case. Sometimes a juror's responses are exactly what you were looking for, but there's just something that makes you think this juror isn't right for your case.

+ What if my jury panel has more than 18 jurors?

JuryNotes™ were developed to seamlessly overlap, allowing you to customize the sheet to match the size and layout of your panel.

+ What if an excused juror is replaced on the panel?

Simply place a JuryNotes™ Post-it over that juror's cell, and continue with voir dire.


+ Why use JuryNotes?

JuryNotes™ allows you to:

› Record and organize your thoughts during voir dire.
› Remember the jurors' names and details.
› Personalize your questions to get the best response.
› Easily determine which jurors to select or strike.
› Reference juror information during trial.

After trial is over, the juror information is preserved in an organized way and can be referenced during post-trial conferences, during appeal, or to refine your jury selection for your next trial.

+ How do I order?

Click on the "Order Form" Option above, then simply follow the steps. Your JuryNotes™ ship for a flat fee of $15.00 via UPS (for each set of up to 5 JuryNotes™ kits), and will arrive in 5-10 business days. For faster delivery, you can email us your FedEx account number. All additional questions can be addressed to info@jurynotes.com.

+ What do I do to indicate that the juror has been selected?

Place a number in the “selected” box to indicate the order sequence that the juror was selected. Then, place a large “O” around the cell containing that juror's information.

+ What do I do if a juror has been excused or stricken?

Simply place an “X” over the cell containing that juror's information.

+ Why not just draw a grid on a notepad?

JuryNotes™ is courtroom-proven and developed by trial lawyers. In a jury trial, one of the most important elements is the jury. Be sure you have asked all pertinent questions, can keep organized, and have all the information at a glance with JuryNotes™.